F A N - Faith Activity Nutrition


Take time to enjoy your health, and be thankful! Start a new tradition and go for a “thankfulness walk and talk” after your holiday meal. Remember that walking is a great way to reach your exercise goal. Many of us wonder what God’s will is for our lives. According to Scripture, God wants us to be thankful. As you walk, share with each other the things you are thankful for this year.

With the holiday season just around the corner, November is a great month to focus on planning how you will continue to be a FAN and eat healthy during the holidays.

Simple Snacks are a Snap gives examples of healthy snacks with just two or three ingredients.

MyPlate Holiday Makeover has tips to help eat healthy and provides recipe substitutions for healthier holiday meals. 

Kid-Friendly Veggies and Fruits provides creative suggestions for healthy and exciting fruit and vegetable snacks for children, and maybe even some adults

For more ideas and recipes, go to the website: https://www.fruitsandveggiesmorematters.org.

For healthy eating tips and recipes for people with diabetes (but the recipes are healthy for everyone!), please see the attachment. There is a contract on the last page that can be printed and used as a reminder to eat healthy.